Nexus4 LTE coming?

I will start by saying there is no information to suggest this.

I am simply curious if anyone thinks the Nexus 4 will eventually receive a LTE enabled brother. If N4 sales flounder in the US I wouldn't be surprised to see Google work on fixing that. They came out with a Nexus 7 3g after months of wifi only, along with a 32gb version most likely due to complaints on lack of storage.

I am sure they did lots of research and aren't going to be shocked about the slow adoption in the US, but hopefully if it is less than even they expected maybe they will make a move.

Maybe they always planned on making an LTE version, but the development of the phone isn't complete. I know there are works with MIT on making LTE phones more power efficient.

I only suspect this because can the Nexus brand of phones really survive greatly without LTE? Can they wait until next year to return to the leading edge of technology? Only other solution I see is releasing 2 Nexus devices a year, meaning someone else will release one in the spring...