You think the Lumia is going to sell well?

Then I have bad news for you:

Most people still don't know or care about the Lumia brand, let alone Windows Phone (go ahead, add the term "Windows Phone" add see the dismal result).

What's even more concerning is that if you look at the regional interest for the lumia 920, the US, Canada, and UK are not even close to the top 10.

Now a lot of people are going to say "Wait for the Lumia ads to start, then people will get interested!", to which I have two things to say:

1. The Adverts have already been in full swing for at least 2 weeks here in the UK.

2. That same argument was used for the Lumia 800 and 900 launch, and we all saw how little that changed.

If you want to claim Windows 8 adoption is going to drive Windows Phone 8 sales, then go for it. The "Windows 8" effect isn't going to take hold for a long, long time, and by then Nokia (and possibly WP) might already be done for.


P.S. If you want to see some more depressing metrics, add "Microsoft Surface" and then "iPhone", "Android", or "iPad" and realize that Windows Phone and Windows tablets have an incredibly hard and long road to travel. Accepting things like AT&T exclusivity or high prices on the Surface (even higher margins than the iPad) are not ways to get your favorite company to make the right changes to be successful in these markets.