What Phone can really be called "BEST OF THE BEST"

With so many phones out there now a days, what is really the best of the best? Taking into consideration with all the apps, the firmware aka OS, the hardware, camera, the craftsmanship. What do you look for when you’re buying your phone? Do you really look into all these things or do you go off of what’s everyone else uses? Out of everyone I know, I can say I’m the only one who looks into these details, were they go off what’s popular, then they complain about it! How can you say Android is better then apple or windows or viseversa? When it’s always been as it will always will be unix (linux) vs windows! Android, iPhone & meego is UNIX base with a pretty GUI that’s all! BlackBerry, iphone, nokia android who brings your mail faster? BlackBerry of course!!! Nokia use to be a big part of our lives and we just tossed them off to the side! What’s your opinion?