Cheap laptops with good build quality & materials?

It seems to me like most cheap laptops are sacrificing build quality, materials, touchpad & keyboard, and screen quality. There will be a $600 laptop with specs equivalent to a $1000 machine but horrible build quality, cheap plastic and a horrible trackpad. For me, this is the opposite of what I want. I have a desktop for high end processing, so I don''t need my laptop to be powerful.
I'm looking for a new laptop, and can no longer afford a nice Macbook(I use a 4 year old but high end when I got it Macbook) so I'm looking at cheaper, Windows machines.
I'm wondering if there are any laptops that compromise on specs but keep great build quality, materials and design, plus trackpad, keyboard, and hopefully screen quality. Somewhere between 11 and 14 inches, with 13 my preferred size... a high res screen would be nice, but probably out of my price range.