Google needs to slow down

Now before you jump all over me, hear me out.

Android 4.1.1, then 4.1.2 and now 4.2. All these in the span of something like 6 months or less right?


Why can't Google just sit on some of these updates and put them together? The few features of 4.1.2 should've been lumped with 4.2. There was really no need to make another version.

To be clear, I don't want Google to stop working on Android at all. As technology advances, the OS has to keep moving.

My point is this: instead of a couple of minor updates every few months, why not put them together into one big update? We already know how hard and long it takes to push updates, why is Google exasperating the process even more?

At this point, Google isn't helping the frag----uh, legacy problem, their making it worse.

Who agrees?

Who doesn't?