Possible Tegra 3 enhancements coming to Surface.

If you go to nvidia's Tegra 3 website and look at the specifications it says that for android the SOC supports Quad Core at 1,6GHz + a battery saver Core whereas for Windows RT it only supports Quad core at 1.3 GHz without the fifth power saver core.


via snippetspace.com

This means that during standby one or multiple of the tegra 3 cores are running instead of the low powered one cutting into standby mode battery life.

Also it seems the SOC is capable of much higher frequencies than currently on the surface.

With the current performance problems and frame drops in some apps and games a potential frequency increase would be awesome. (Yes they are due to developers having worked mainly on Intel machines but hey they do exist).

The second thing is that shut off low power core. Well on that same page it says that support for the 5th core on Windows RT is still under development:


via snippetspace.com

Basically I think me might be able to expect some nice updates to the tegra 3 drivers for the Surface. I excpect that at least the 5th core will be unlocked maximizing battery life in standby, If that is possible, it might be blocked in the hardware but I doubt it.

As for frequency, I think that will not be changed from 1.3 to 1.6 but who knows...

What do you think? any "chip experts" here?