How to swich off Metro completely in Windows8?


I am kinda fan of Microsoft products. I have a Windows phone (Lumia 800) and I love metro style, but since I have updgraded to Windows8 on my laptop my productivity decreased dramatically:

1. The search is completelly messed up! The swiching between App, Setting, Documents results is anoying. Microsoft - you now have ALL MY SCREEN to show search results, and you dont use it! Please give back usable search that uses in ALL my docs, apps, settings and you can drop in the Store apps too.

2. as I use lot's of desktop apps (Like MS Office, Browser, Snap tool, file explorer etc) then I definatelly work most of the time in Desktop mode. I tried to work in Metro mode, but it keeps swiching to Desktop mode as soon as I triger any dekstop app. This swiching back and forward makes me sick! The scree from dark becomes light, then again dark... the controls changes an then there is the old and usefull task panel back... Can you just give me a swich, where I can stick to desktop mode and use Metro only in case of emergency? Really... the Metro is not very usefull with mouse and keyboard.

3. There is quite a lot of incompatibilities. I found that some of my work related things does not work on Lenovo X220. For instance - The bluetooth is not working, the is not working on Windows8.

This is just few things that made my life more complicated since I installed Windows8 over a week ago. Do you have some to add?