A proposal for a daily open thread


Few Months ago, Microsoft Tribe was the smallest of the Big Three. But as General Interest and Enthusiasm for Microsoft Ecosystem grow in the recent months, the daily forum post rate increasing in a tremendous pace. As the result, the Microsoft Tribe have become the largest Verge forum. With a massive lead over the Verge second largest forum

However, we lacked a sense of community here. Being avid Polygonauts, I regularly visited Polynauts Central. It’s not just an open thread, the regular visitor to the Central developed a bond. Developed a sense of community. It’s more akin to a Community center.

Today, I proposed that we should do something that similar to the Polynauts Central. A Microsoft Tribe very own Open Thread. The Microsoft Tribe Open thread, not only will help to develop some sense of bond between fellow tribe members. Will also cut number of unnecessary one liner post.

Of course, this massive undertaking cannot be done with work of single man alone. Everybody could create a post which they call "Tribe Central" or something like that and call that as the community open thread. But without fellow tribesman support, It’s just simply won’t work. I’m today pleading to you, my fellow tribesman. To support this idea of Microsoft Tribe very own open Thread

Ideas for Name

• Tribe Central

• The Death Star (You know, since we are member, the storm trooper of the Microsoft Empire?

• Microworld

• Grand Metro Station

• Metrocentral

If you still reading this to the end, I’m very flattered, I’m humbled. My English isn’t good. And the post probably littered with grammatical error. Thank You, and I hope you agreed on my ideas