Which OS would you rather see on a BlackBerry device if it comes down to it: WP or Android?

Hi Guys, I'm a loyal BlackBerry fan. I still use a Blackberry Touch in the midst of a hoard of iPhone and Android wielding friends, family, and acquaintances. We're all waiting for BB10 to come around and take us into the next era and from all I've seen, BB10 is shaping up to be a great OS. But i'm also a realist and I know it takes more than just capabilities and a great UI to make a smart phone OS successful especially when you're the last sprinter off the block. It takes lots and lots of marketing budget and even more staying power (ability to endure a loss) and this is my fear for RIM. As much as I'm optimistic about BB10, I fear that the day may come when RIM will have to make a decission join one of the other ecosystems mostly because she may not be able to hang on long enough for BB10 to be successful. And this brings me to my question; If it comes down to it, which ecosystem will you rather see our beloved BlackBerry devices in: Windows Phone, or Android? I would appreciate if you also explain the reason behinf your choice.