What's your No Compromise device?

LTE or No LTE. Great screen or okay screen. Cheap feeling plastic or metal?

In the world of Android, we have learned the art of compromise. Not by choice, but by circumstances.

For years, Apple was ridiculed for not allowing much in the way of hardware choice, yet looking at the landscape today many OEMs are following in Apples footsteps.

Non Removable batteries. No SD card slots.

And what have we had to do: accept it, or find a device that compromises.

For Apple, the lack of an SD card slot is almost forgivable considering that they at least offer up to 64GB of memory. And while that may be enough for many, for the few that need more, well, at least Apple never gave you the option for expandable storage one year, and the next didn't offer it. Hello there HTC.


Removable batteries were a huge advantage at one time. Hot swapping a dead battery for a fresh one allowed you to keep trucking. When your phone randomly froze, you could pop that battery out and back in; problem solved. Yet, today many OEMs have forsaken that option in favor of making thinner devices.

Again, the parellel to Apple is clear.

We now go and buy external battery packs and such, and you know what? That's fine as well. A good juice pack does wonders for many.


Samsung to me has been thus far not compromised as much as others have. They still offer what the 'old, battle harden' Android warriors needs. SD card slots, removable batteries, relatively easy to unlock devices.

Their internal hardware is always top notch. Great processors, great cameras.

Samsungs only 'failing' has been.....(insert drum roll)

Build materials.

Not build quality, but the actually materials they use. Their phones never feel as though theyll break from just sitting in your hand. They don't creak too much unless you reall try to twist them; and really, who would do that?

Its just that that damn cheap plastic feel has gotten to be too much for some.

Should Samsung go the route of HTC or Nokia and build a polycarbonate shell (not cheap feeling plastic) then they may very well be the last true Android device maker with the least compromises. (And maybe getting rid of that damn hardware button..ugh.)

Of course, that still leaves the issue of software. We'll leave that for another day.


What OEM offers the least compromises to you?

What features: hardware, software or network can you live without?

What device gives you the most bang for your buck without making critical missteps?

Have you ever owned a no compromise device?

Would love to hear your thoughts.