Office Subscription suddenly become relevant for most user

If Tom were correct, we could expect Office for iOS and Android to be released in the near future

According to the Article, We could expect in app Office365 subscription plan purchasing method of some sort.

Suddenly, Microsoft Office for Non-Microsoft Platform makes sense, It’s part of broader plan to push Office 365

One of the key benefit of Office 365 is, unlike the regular desktop license, its offer you 5 License instead just one Most people likely won’t benefit from switching from buying Office outright to Office365 plans, since I guess most people don’t fully live in Microsoft Ecosystem (And therefore the benefit of Office365 are not directly visible).

While the typical user, your average Joe is likely to own a Windows PC (PC, as in Desktop and Laptop), isn’t likely to also own Windows Tablet, or Windows Smartphone. They probably own an iPad and some Android phone. And since these devices now (Will) run Office. The Office 365 makes sense

Moving to Office365 5 Devices plan just for your laptop and desktop don’t make much sense. But what about 4 devices? Suddenly the Office 365 become more enticing and most importantly relevant to most user