The iPad Mini is simply perfect (in my eyes at least)

Well I finally got to hold an iPad Mini in my hands and give it a try. All I can say is I'm now in love with it. I currently have an iPad 2 and while it's an excellent tablet, I have been looking for something more portable for a while now. My first though was a Nexus 7, but the lack of tablet apps is just too much for me. Then, I finally heard about the iPad Mini being released and I felt a tiny bit underwhelmed at first. It didn't look all too impressive to me, however, that look was very deceiving.

I went to my local Currys store today and I mentioned the iPad Mini while talking to a guy who worked there and he asked if I'd like to take a look at it, as they weren't on display. Well, he brought it over and as soon as I had it in my hands, I fell in love. The size is simply perfect, even me, someone who has relatively small hands, could hold it in one hand. I found the typing to be excellent the speed and responsiveness were excellent. The software works very well in detecting the fact your thumb is on the screen, and does not take it as a touch gesture. The display itself, is fantastic. Anyone who says they can see pixels is looking far too hard. Lastly,the build quality is second to none. I tried a black model, and the finish on the back is simply stunning.

I will definitely be getting this and for someone looking at a small tablet, I would highly recommend the iPad Mini. There is simply no tablet this small that is as capable as the Mini.

Let me know your opinions below.