PSA for those of us who bought the the Lumia 900 on launch.

Hey guys,

Back in April I bought 2 Lumia 900s (Matte Cyan)on launch day. Which means I don't qualify for the new contract

This morning I just pre ordered 2 Lumia 920s (High Gloss Red and High Gloss Yellow) at the New Contract price. How was I able to do this, you ask;

Instead of ordering online, I called customer service and (after a small sob story about buying the L900 on launch day and it not being able to be upgraded) they gave me the early upgrade price with no hassle.

I think they are expecting a small backlash and this is apart of their plan, so if you are in a similar situation an you want the 920 I would CALL AT&T TO PRE-ORDER INSTEAD OF ORDERING ONLINE.

Side note; they didn't offer me the wireless charger, but I guess beggars can't be choosers.