OSX 10.9 and beyond.

I wanted to make a post where we can write our desires for the future of OS.

I don't personally believe 10.9 will be a major upgrade. I feel like Apple will wait for 11 to really change the game.

In 10.9, I'd like to see Maps integrated into it somehow. I remember reading an article on MacRumors that discussed the possibility of it. I'd also like to see iLife and iWork updated immensely with the release of OSX.9 and maybe even Siri.

I don't know where Apple would go in OSXI because they've already accomplished so much. I would imagine that they would integrate more iOS into it - and that would really tick me off because I believe that there should be a difference between iOS and OS.

What are your hopes about the future of OS? What would you like to see, or not like to see?