Retailers badly need to display more 1080p notebooks

I was at Best Buy yesterday, and saw a Retina MBP (13") for the first time. At first glance I wasn't sure, but it became pretty apparent the quality difference. It really is a stunningly beautiful display. It also chugged scrolling up and down on the Verge's homepage, so the tradeoff in performance is very real, but that's another discussion.

I wanted to compare it to some of the Windows laptops there, and I was astonished that there wasn't a single 1080p PC on display in the whole (very large) store. Windows 8 does a great job of looking great at (much) lower resolutions, and when scrolling around on the homepage, even 768p didn't look bad. But text rendering was no comparison. It's pretty clear that Apple is a first-class citizen with retailers, and I'm sure that has a lot to do with the average sale price. The Macs that were on display cost 2-3x as much as the average PC there. But the absolute most expensive PC there was still less than the rMBP 13. It's just weirded me out that there were nothing high end for me to compare against in person, so it's no surprise that most people have such a radically different perception of quality for PCs vs. Macs.

That said, having touchscreens on Windows 8 PCs was huge. It felt so natural, and its clear that Windows 8 is designed to be touched. There's nothing like it on a Mac right now, and it's a massive differentiator. So that's something. But even there, Best Buy still screwed it up by not even mentioning which PCs were touch-enabled or not...I felt like an idiot poking and prodding at every screen.

In any case, one need look no farther than retail presence to explain why Mac market share is increasing. It's like night and day.