Show & Tell: What Are Your Favorite Tablet Accessories?

Tablet Accessory Show and Tell

I'm curious to see what accessories our verge tablet fans commonly use and love. It can be any tablet manufacturer, just share!

Motorola S305 Bluetooth Headphones

I have this paired with both my iPad and iPhone. The sound quality is excellent in these headphones. I have the ability one of the side of the ear cup to pause, skip back /forth and pause on music and videos. The built in mic allows for me to pair it with my phone as well. Battery life I get on average is about maybe 10-12 hours.

Altec Lansing iM227 orbit MP3 Speaker

I use this around the house. When I brought it last year, it was only $15 bucks. there is only a power button on the device, but the sound is surprisingly good and definitely boosts the volume up from my iPad. My only warning is to not turn the volume up 100% because then it starts to warble a little bit.

Dual USB Bluetooth Charger

I run my tablet pretty hard as I use throughout the day, every day. I like the dual USB charger because it is powerful enough to charge the iPad while I'm on the road (or just taking lunch breaks in my car). Be careful trying to charge both phone and tablet at the same time, it takes A LOT longer, but it is ideal for me to charge my tablet and phone simultaneously. (According to a couple Amazon reviews, this is not good for non apple devices)

iPhone 5


Its a cheat, but honestly its the best "accessory" I have for my iPad. I like to eat lunch in my car and I can now leisurely sit in my car and browse websites through my iPad with LTE and wifi tethering, or if i'm at a hotel, avoid the $10/day fee. Because i'm on AT&T, I can use the internet on my tablet and still take calls concurrently.

Whats your favorite accessory you own with your tablet?