Lumia 822 Built in Wireless Charging? Interchangeable Covers?

All that I have read up to this point has said that the 810/820/822 would require an interchangeable cover that would enable wireless charging.

On Nokia's site it lists that the 810/822 has "Qi Wireless charging" - 822 Specifications

It lists this for the 820 as well, but says:

"Show off with vibrantly colored shells and matching headsets. The shells can also be protective or even offer wireless charging."

Nowhere can I find on the specifications or description for the 822 or 810 that

  1. It actually has interchangeable covers
  2. An additional cover is required for the wireless charging.

Can anybody clear this up? Does it have wireless charging already without the need for an extra cover and are there interchangeable covers?

I have seen some hands on videos where the blogger is saying the 822 has wireless charging with a different cover, but I think he was just taking it from the 820 information. I don't think the 822 has interchangeable covers.