Selling my three month-old unlocked Galaxy Nexus

Around two months ago, I wrote a post about my switch to Android and the Galaxy Nexus. You can read all about that here if you'd like, but now I'm looking to sell my unlocked GSM Galaxy Nexus. When I bought my GNex, I knew that it would soon be replaced in October or November by a new Nexus device, or a whole group of them, as the rumors were at that time. I also knew that the Galaxy Nexus was priced upwards of $600 when it first came out, and there's no way I would ever spend that much on a phone. Knowing that, I went ahead and purchased my GNex fpr $350. So imagine my disappointment when the Nexus 4 was announced and it was also priced at $350 (for 16 GB, which is a necessity for me), the same price at which I bought my GNex. The Nexus 4 seemed like such a nice upgrade over my GNex, and I started thinking about trying to sell it so I could buy a Nexus 4. So is anyone interested in buying a three month-old unlocked GSM Galaxy Nexus running 4.1.2 with very minor hairline scratches on the screen (that all phones get after about a month) and very, very few blemishes on the body (I never drop it). Everything about it works perfectly! I'm looking to sell it for around $300 or a little under. Do you think it's worth that price, and is anyone interested? What do you think it's worth if not that high? Thanks!