Ex-Android Users: Input Needed on Switching to iOS!

I've been itching for a new phone lately. My family has been moving over to Verizon, so I've been checking out their offerings as of late - and since their coverage is unmatched in my area it makes sense to join them. I've played with iOS devices in the past, and overall it's been nice. I own an Apple TV and a MBA - they're fantastic. However, when it comes to phones, I've been the type that tinkers and tries to squeeze out as much functionality from the device as possible. It wasn't out of the norm for me to flash three different ROMs a week on my Vibrant, G2, or G2x to see which was most responsive and lagged the least. I hate lag. My roommate's iPhone 5 seems pretty fast. I currently use a Dell Venue Pro (an underrated Windows Phone running Mango) and the quick user interface is amazing - I want to love it, but it doesn't have the app selection I personally need.

Have any of you been in my boat and made the switch to an iPhone and not had any regrets? Right now, my main debate is between the Nexus 4 and the iPhone 5. Unfortunately, both phones involve making compromises. Here are some pros and cons for me:

+++Nexus 4+++


  • Google integration! Particularly Google Voice. My phone number is a GV number - I use this every day.
  • Technically a more powerful device in many aspects.
  • First to receive Android updates directly from Google. Pure Android experience, which can't be said for the majority of Android devices. After a year and half it seems you shouldn't expect your phone to get official updates.
  • No contract - very flexible with plans. Easy to jump ship to other providers.
  • Ability to tweak and customize (Quick settings, menus, developer community will be huge, etc.)
  • NFC, wireless charging, there's more...


  • No LTE, not on Verizon. Have to deal with usually sub-par HSPA+ speeds (Usually 1.5 Mb/s or lower)
  • Questionable build quality.

+++iPhone 5+++


  • Apps! I've never understood why many Android versions of apps are far more ugly and less functional. The rift seems to have been getting better and better, but iOS versions in general are more polished and in my opinion nicer.
  • LTE and great coverage on Verizon.
  • Device support through Apple Stores and third party stores.
  • Generally 'worry free/it just works' experience, from what I gather.


  • Lack of tweaking. Jailbreaking is always an option to gain some additional functionality, but I doubt the iPhone 5 will be jailbroken any time soon, especially if the amount of time it took to jailbreak the 4S was any indication of how much harder it is getting with newer devices.
  • Google Voice integration (very important to me) - apparently the iOS app is sub-par and notifications don't work in iOS 6.

Anyway, this is getting too long. My questions, for the Ex-Android users:
1) What do you miss about Android?

2) Will your next phone be an iPhone or an Android (or even WP?)

3) What have you liked about the switch?

4) Google Voice users: Have you been able to find a good compromise with the iPhone?

I'd appreciate any input here.

TL;DR - Long-time Android user is looking to possibly make the switch to iOS. If you are an Ex-Android user, I'd like to hear about your experience with switching.