At the Lower end of the chain - HTC Windows 8S or Nokia Lumia 820?

Holiday season is here again. And it's a dream, or a total nightmare, depending on how you look at things, for the tech enthusiasts - Too. Many. Devices. To. Choose. From. (Sheesh!) But forge ahead, we must.

So, I have considered joining the Windows Phone family, while it's still early. Maybe it's the lure of the fresh UI, maybe it's the chance of being able to tell my friends, "I told you so!", when they eventually hop on and shout about how good WP8 is after they didn't listen to me initially, who knows? At the same time, and helped by the general snappiness of the OS, I'm not entering grand style. My mind is on either the HTC Windows 8S or Nokia's Lumia 820.

I know they are considered the lite versions of the 8X and 920 respectively, but they are still outstanding gadgets in their own right. So it's that time again: that time when we've probably made up our minds on what we want, but need opinions to convince us we made the right choice. I'm asking you guys - which would you get, of the two?