Handled an iPad Mini today...

I know many of you have one already, and I will likely have one for Christmas this year, but I wanted to see it in person before making a solid commitment, especially with the 1024x768 screen.

My first impressions:

- Built awesomely well. Super tight and feels absolutely fantastic in the hand.

- When I first picked it up, it felt like looking at my old 3Gs, because I was holding it right up to my face to see the pixels. I then unlocked and used it at my normal usage distance, and it looked perfectly fine. Good even. Easy to read even densely packed websites, images looked good, though contrast and color aren't as good as the iPhone 5 display. Overall, the display, while not outstanding, was definitely good enough for my purposes, and I wouldn't have any issues using it on a day to day basis.

- Quick, responsive, and I really like the screen size.

This is my next...