My thoughts on Windows 8 after a week or so

I updated my Windows 7 laptop to Windows 8 Pro about a week ago and so far, I'm pretty satisfied with my experience. I started off learning different gestures and keyboard shortcuts as my laptop does not have a touch interface and this didn't take long to learn. When I started off, I really loved the new design on my laptop, I found the Modern UI to be excellent. However, I've now changed my mind on this...well, kinda.

Modern UI looks and works great. I won't deny that. However, on a non-touch enabled PC like mine, I find it a tiny bit tedious to use and also found that most apps I use launch into the desktop anyway. My thoughts on Windows 8 are that Microsoft have done a great job with it. It's fast and fluid, much more so than Windows 7 in my opinion. But, I also have some other opinions on the interface on different devices.

For non-touch devices, I think an option to use Desktop mode and not see the Modern UI should be implemented. For touch-enabled devices, like all in ones and touch screen laptops, have both the desktop and modern UI like the existing Windows 8 is. Then finally on tablets, I believe that the desktop shouldn't be used, as the Modern UI is far better to use in this circumstance.

Obviously this is just my opinion. I'm not a W8 hater, I actually really like it, I just have these opinions on it which in my eyes would make it better.

Let me know your opinions below.