Firts world problems - Windows 8 Edition

Oh there Tribe. See, as a IT student I kinda pushed my whole family to giant switch to new tech/Android/Windows gear when Windows 8 came out. So far, we all got new Android phones(blah blah, I know, what a douche I am to push innocent normal beings to that horrible, terrible, rotten, cheap and copied OS /s), Chromeboxes to grandparents, Win8 desktops to my parents and gloriously powerful laptop for me.

But we all live busy lives, so I'm putting more and more toughts into buying some tablets. AFAIK, parents can happily live with RT version of Windows and choosing right RT tablet is not that hard, it's going to be S...Vivo Tab RT. Right now you're probably screaming in horror why I don't like Surface(again, what a douche I am...I know), but it isn't that hard after playing with it for several hours. While materials and build quality is higher on Surface, I actually never liked this whole "kickstand+TypeCover" thing. First, It's unusable on your lap, Second, it's really terrible to type on(and we all tried really hard). VivoTab sports same great tablet+dock system like Android Transformers(I still use my tf700 on regular basis, even though I really hate Android on 10 inch tablets) and that gives you unbeatable battery life, better keyboard, better comfort and more ports...Vivo Tab also has that 600 nits S-IPS screen, so that's that.

Problem I have is choosing which Windows based tablet should I buy for myself...I'm pretty sure that I want some sort of convertible, probably with full Windows. And that's core of my problem - there is a shitload of different form factors, mechanism, hardware varietes...I's horrible for me, not to mention some average consumer. So Tribe, any suggestions on which one is the best of them? I'll be using it mostly for writing, coding and light editing/sketching on the go + usual social/browser based stuff.

And necessary Apple bashing - Macs suck!!