Nokia's "Zune-like" Lumia 830...



I'm confused now. Doesn't this look like a certain released WP8 device?

Really like where they're going with this design, but the 8X is still the more refined output IMO.

Anyway. Other stats/conjecture:

- According to the original Chinese article, the 830 is a replacement for the 710 midrange.

- I'm pretty sure it'll be using the S4 Play (MSM 8627) that's in the 8S, rather than the 8960 in the 820/920/8X. Slower CPU clockspeed and GPU, too. Probably doesn't matter much though in light of things- Krait cores still scream.

- Possibly much cheaper than the 820 (which looks like a stopgap "midrange" offering that's too expensive to produce in volume, with niceties like AMOLED that people disregard nowadays).

- More of an EMEA (east-middle-east-asia) thing, like the 610. But T-Mo might like it for free.

- IS THERE A FRONT CAMERA OR IS THERE NOT (it's one of those things you don't use too much, but a dealbreaker without, see the 8S)

- And of course, it's not a brick :3