I've begun modding windows 8 and i'm not looking back.

i have sick to death of the lack of functionality of my alt-tab button (which i only want to use for desktop apps). Today i installed VistaSwitcher which allows us to exclude metro apps. my life is soo much better. Now i can easily go between metro and desktop environments with even less clicking.

Now im keen to see what other possible mods could be added. Id love to have an app library (like OSX) for desktop apps. lists can be very useful for getting a lot of info condensed.

Id especially like to still use metro IE while setting a different browser to default (and as an aside browser choice in metro apps).

Anyone else enjoying a modded windows 8 experience? Im keen to hear what you've changed or what you'd like to see to improve the functionality and synergy between metro and desktop.

PS i actually like metro (when the apps are well made) but i like to be in control of when im using that more casual computing environment. Im not trying to get anyone riled up.