Keyboard + Mouse vs Touch for games

Hi Tribe,

When I first tried Windows 8, what really got me exited was the prospect of having apps that were popular on tablets running on my desktop. Now that I've been using the Surface tablet in conjunction with my desktop, I've noticed that most games I've installed plays better on a desktop than on the Surface with a few exceptions like Montezuma 3, Fruit Ninja and Cut The Rope.

Not a tale of performance issues here, its a matter of controls, even games like Angry Birds, Shark Dash, rocket riot, Geared that were designed for touch play much better on keyboard and mouse I consistently get better scores on my desktop. Of course racing games like Riptide and Reckless Racing inherently play better with physical controls so touch is just no competition at all.

So?, what are your experiences so far, do you think that someone on a touch screen will stand a chance on a multi-player battle against mouse and keyboard users?