Anyone else let down by Halo 4 War Games?

So...I'm married, have a 6 month old son and rarely get to play video games as much as I'd like. I usually get around 1-2 games a year due to their cost and my decrease in amount of time playing them. Last year it was Skyrim and Modern Warfare 3 --both good buys. I had read some reviews on Halo 4 (Polygon) and watched the Forward Unto Dawn series, which was amazing, and got really stoked for it.

Pop it in. Start playing campaign and really love it: graphics, sound, storyline (haven't beat it yet), and more. I see my friends jump on so I go to multiplayer. Some problems arise:

Why does it feel like I play the same 2 maps ALL the time? I've logged 8 hours on War Games too, so it's not like I've only played for an hour. We played on Ragnarok - which is a recycled map from Halo 3 - a good 4 time before we finally got a different map. I know we could have left, but that's beside the point. I feel like Halo 4 is simply Halo with a little COD introduced. The controls feel very similar. And now they have a DLC map pack out that cost 2000 microsoft points (24.99)! I just blew $60 on the game, and now a map pack right after launch? I would really like to play BTB on more than 3 maps, same for infinity slayer.

I don't mean to bash it, I don't want to, but it's just depressing. Sort of wishing I held out for Black Ops II, as the first one was my favorite. It sounds like they're doing quite a bit with multiplayer: getting rid of kill streaks, new weapons upgrading system, strategic respawning so if you wait longer you're closer to your team, and a couple others I've heard about but can't remember. While Halo 4 does have multiplayer and a good campaign (I never even started campaign on MW3) the multiplayer is where it's at, and so far it seems COD might be able to provide that.

What do you all think?