Some questions and thoughts on the Nexus 4

I've been reading as many articles and reviews on the N4 as I can and there are a few specs that I can't seem to get a whole lot of information on that I'd like to get some opinions on.


So the N4 supports the new wireless steaming protocol for sharing audio and video with an HDTV. It's so new that we'll have to wait until next year before we see new Miracast compliant TVs and dongles for existing sets. Given the companies that are backing this, it seems this is sure to become a big thing in 2013.

I'm not sure if the GNex supported any similar sharing protocols but I think many Android phones have (up until now?) support for DLNA.

Questions: Is Miracast something that can be enabled by software upgrade or app alone or is there some special hardware on the N4 apart from wi-fi? Are there any other open competing technologies? Will Miracast take over as THE standard here?

SlimPort HDMI

I don't really know much about this tech that the N4 will support apart from the fact that it lets you convert the microUSB port on the N4 to HDMI so...

Questions: Does the N4 support MHL as well? If not then SlimPort vs MHL, which one will come out on top?


I know you'd need a cable but there seems to be conflicting information about whether or not USB OTG is supported software-wise. Apparently the N7 doesn't have it.

Question: Is it supported on the N4? Any way around it without root?

Future variants: LTE, 32GB, White, new hidden features/suprises?

Much has been debated about whether or not we'll see a 32GB version of the N4 in a few months and whether such a model will also come with LTE. And then there's the white version that was spotted in Verge's playground exclusive.

Question: It seems Google has 2 main events on the calendar: I/O (mid-year) and what I'll call the playground event (end-of-year). Anyone see that changing at all such that Google might announce new hardware like a 32GB LTE N4 outside of that cycle?

On the subject of the white N4, personally I think it was supposed to be a special edition at the playground event... :) speaking of which, when is Google going to reschedule it? I'm dying to see the presentation from Matias, Hugo and co. It'd be cool to see Larry take the stage too after his health issues.

I'm also secretly hoping from all the reports about missing features like lockscreen widgets and multi-user support on the N4 that there are other features that Google have kept under wraps for unveiling at their event. :)