Windows Home Server Alternatives

Here's the problem.

Currently we have a windows home server.

We have 3 windows machines that back up to it. Full system back ups.

We also have two macs that we, periodically, back up certain folders to in to their respective user account.

We have 5 users who have files, be it photos, music, documents on there.

We can access the files and photos from anywhere in the world and its really good that each user has their own space. And the (windows) back-ups are crucial!

However, its slow clunky and windows home server no longer has any more updates.

So my questions are:

  • What we can use instead of the WHS that will allow for the back-ups (system restores) or the windows PC's?
  • Also back up the Mac's documents and files?
  • What can we use (service or hardware, at a decent cost) that can potentially be a central share for music and movies within the house. (We have an apple TV and use one of the macs as the central location at the moment however its not always here)
  • And how can we share photos with family and friends by sending them a link to view on the internet?
Any help or advice will be much appreciated.