Nexus 4 .. Disappointed .. :(

Disclaimer :- I have not used a Nexus 4 ..and judging by the past Google history.. I might not even be able to use it.

This is my perspective as an Indian android user (I don't care about LTE and carriers)and a big android fan.I am a Samsung Galaxy S user btw..

2-3 weeks before the Nexus 4 launch Josh said during the Vergecast that Google has to get bring it's A game to the market. A pretty good iPhone 5 was out and good WP8 hardware had also come out.There were also reports of nexus phones from multiple manufacturers during that time and even though only LG Nexus leaked everyone had hope that we'll get new Nexus devices from different manufacturers.

I think though after Google launched Nexus 4, Josh and Verge overall gave Google a pass (controversial I know.. but thats only one side of it..).

Let me explain .. Android OEM's characteristics are..

  • Samsung :- Great Internals, Poor Build quality.. No premium feel..Poor Software(Kies), No Support (updates) at all for Indian consumers.
  • HTC :- Great Build quality. Camera is OK. Bloated unnecessary software and no software buttons. .:( Poor Internals in Indian variants and way to expensive if compare with Sammy's phones.
  • Sony :- Great camera and build quality but they are always a cycle behind in Hardware Internals.
  • LG:- Poor Hardware, Poor software, Poor support (Indian twitter account is managed by a bot i think)
  • Motorola :- Non existent in India..:(

What google would have done is just make phones with every manufacturer and just fixed their weaker points. I think Galaxy nexus was one of the best designs from samsung(Might be google's design).Just telling HTC to put stock on phone like One X would have cut it for HTC Nexus. Sony ,LG and Moto would have taken little more fixing but you get my drift. What we get is LG Nexus 4 !!

Short comings :-

  • Camera not as good as iPhone 5 or Lumia phone. (Compromise )
  • 16 GB storage and no SD Card ..are you kidding me.. Deal breaker ?? (Google music not available in many countries, and most of the people outside US are very careful with their data usage since data plans are comparatively expensive.)
  • LG LG .. .xD ..
  • Hardware design. .Iterative ...

Google's deception with regards Indian consumers. .
When Andy rubin mentioned this phone is compatible with carriers across 200 countries.. I had a glimmer of hope "YES" finally this thing will come to India.. But then I remembered Google's history. The first nexus I was genuinely excited was Nexus S.. I used to do a google search everyday as to when Nexus S will come to India... Google launched this phone in US in Dec(don't remember the year) and promised to bring this to India by February.. but then in Feb they said March .. and Finally Samsung announced no Nexus S bitches..
Then next year came the Galaxy nexus.. rave reviews but same story. .Google and Samsung saying it'll come to India.. but it never made it.. .This time though.. I bought this for my brother from US. No warranty. Unfortunately he had an mishap and the screen was broken. Samsung reps in India refused to fix the phone. I had to travel to Dubai to get this fixed and spend an extra 250$ for that..
Then in the later half came the Nexus 7.. Google saying yes it's coming to India. It added India to it's combo box in Nexus home page.. (Big news here btw) .. everyone thought finally it's coming to India..but no .. we are the poor ones.. It did not launch. **It's launching through distributors this week though the price is 370$ for 16 GB version.

Don't know why Google doesn't want to launch its phones here. India has one of the biggest developer base for Android/Apple devices. Android is also the ruling OS in India and also one of the growing like crazy in mobile space ..