The next Xbox!

Hey guys! First time posting so here goes...

So what with the new xbox smartglass app for iOS, and the talk of the XBOX surface , there is definitely a new xbox experience on its way, we can already see some of the bits and pieces but I was having a thought- what if the next xbox IS the Xbox Surface?

What I mean by that is what if this 7 inch tablet has a companion device (an apple tv like box) that simply allows your gaming experience to be streamed to your tv via an airplay-like technology? My idea is that it would be combined with a kinect like device.

Here's what I think

  • Controllers? Simple, just connect them wirelessly to the Xbox Surface.
  • WinRT based but no desktop mode
  • Access to windows store (apps), xbox music+videos
  • xbox games downloadable through windows store

Then when your done just grab the surface and your on your way.

What do you guys think?