So I'm jumping from iPhone to Android, and worry about syncing

Here I am, one year in to my 4s, and I'm finding that many android models in the market interest me much more. iOS is stale and boring, not innovative at all. I'm not here to discuss which android model I'm going to buy, but I do have a question about syncing.

The main reason I have liked using the iphone is icloud. It has made my life easier, syncing my calendars, photos and such. I'm now searching for alternative programs, which would sync my android phone with my mac. I'm not switching away from the mac or osx, mainly because they have worked perfectly for me for a couple of years now.

So yeah, I'm looking for app suggestions for syncing

- calendars (just use google calendar?

- reminders

- notes (not a fan of evernote, simple suits me best)

- photos

and maybe even music, if possible.

I live in Finland, and am telling you this because for example Amazon is mostly a worthless service for me at the moment.

Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help!