WP8 software update process

I was a Windows phone user for more than a year before I switched to Gnex this May. I liked my Samsung focus although it was not the best WP7 device, but what pissed me off was the update process from WP7 to WP 7.5 (Mango). At&t took their sweet time to update the phone. I had to wait almost 6 months for the update and in the end I got tired of it and had to force the update using the "Chevronwp7" tool. After that I came to know that once you use chevronwp7 tool you will not get any future updates from MS. I have again used another tool provided by chevron to undo that and keep the WP 7.5 update. Eventhough I like my Gnex and jelly bean I'm itching to go back to WP with the lumia 920 using the sweet At&t deal. My question is has the update process changed for windows phones? Does MS have more control over the process or will it be the same waiting game? If you have any info please provide links. Thanks.