Sony VAIO Defect pictures (who is in the wrong here?)

Dear Sony:


I don't think we see eye to eye on this.


I bought this Sony VAIO VPC-SB about 8 months ago as a replacement for an aging black Macbook (late 2009 if memory serves). I wanted something that had enough horsepower to keep up with my Jack-of-all-trades line of work and this VAIO laptop most certainly has more than enough horsepower to keep up with everything from software development to graphic design to editing and rendering video.

However, I've been trying to ignore this issue with the finish (clear coating/varnish) on the palm rest of the device for a few weeks now. I typically use a lot of keyboard shortcuts and the left side off the keyboard is very important for my day to day tasks... and I think it's pretty clear that I tend to use an external mouse for a lot of my work because it's far more accurate than the ALPS Absolute Horror Edition trackpad.



I've taken it to Sony and after fighting with their retail reps, they said they aren't saying it's a defect and they won't replace it in store (I am still well within warranty) but that I could ship it to Sony Service Center and they would have a look at it and let me know how much, if anything, it would cost to have the unit replaced.

I bought this computer for work, and I feel this is a defect in the paint/finish on the laptop. While researching this I've found scattered reports of the same issues with this model and the 15" model.

This computer is how I generate revenue and I can't wait for "maybe like three days or a week" while Sony 'decides' what this repair could cost me.


I personally feel they should replace this in store. I love the laptop, hell, I'd love to keep using it but not if it's literally disintegrating in my hands.

Am I totally in the wrong here or does this not seem like a pretty straightforward defect?