Windows, Mac OS, and Mobile: The Software Design Divide

I noticed something interesting a few moments ago.

Since the inception of Mac OS, software for the platform has almost always been very focused; that is, each application is relatively light and serves one or two specific functions very well - daemons and tiny utilities abound. *NIX also adopts this design philosophy.

Windows, on the other hand, has always been notorious for being host to monolithic, heavy, beast-like applications that cover every function conceivable.

Mobile operating systems, due to the limited hardware they run on, are almost forced to take the Mac/*NIX approach, and now that people are becoming more used to this philosophy, it's finding its way onto desktop Windows boxes as well.

So ultimately, the Mac/*NIX way is winning out, which is a good thing in my opinion; it's one of the perks that's kept me using Mac OS for so many years.