The Verge IS The Best. Thank You.

So I just saw today's Vergecast and I wanted to say something since you shouted out the forums and Meta specifically.

I just wanted to point out that no other tech site is as great IN MY OPINION than the Verge. It has tons of content, cool features, great writers, varying opinions, The Vergecast, Josh's constant hair tweaking on The Vergecast, quite possibly the most awesome theme song at the end of a podcast, awesome features, the greatest video team to ever exist ever (seriously they could make the Samung's low end line up look like Christina Hendricks), all of the lulz, an awesome layout, the best features, and they care about technology.

That last one is one of my personal favorite things about The Verge. Out of all tech sites I think The Verge brings tech out of the basement and into the light. They can be just as hardcore as ars or anadtech (alright maybe not as hardcore as anadtech) but then they can be super casual too. They can appeal to the tech geeks and the normal folks who tune in to Jimmy Fallon and just want a laugh. THAT is amazing. Many sites never escape their niche but I feel like you guys do that best without falling into the pit of becoming too "casual".

So yeah The Verge is great site. Personally I started reading The Verge right as it launched last year right as I got into college. It's been weird because a year after you guys are celebrating your birthday I'm in my second year of school. So every year while I'm in college you guys will celebrate your birthday shortly after the year begins. And The Verge is also something my friends know I go on about (I promote you guys (pay me)). And The Verge is what made me realize what I wanted to do with my life (write about what I'm passionate about).

Anyway this is a long post (and I'm rambling) so I'll just say The Verge is the greatest tech website, its one of my favorite sites in general, every single one of you involved is awesome from the people who write the checks to the people who get JT's coffee (god bless you). Thank You.