Lumia 810/820/822 Review?

Hey MSfans,

So as many know at&t will have the lumia 920 and the lumia 820 available for sale. Has anyone seen any reviews for the lumia 820 or any of its variants. This is not a bash thread on the verge or anything guys ( please keep it civil). I am gonan be picking up a lumia 810 form T-Mobile next week, since its incredibly expensive to get the lumia 920 ( if only at&t will sell it unlocked they will make a decent amount of money for those in the us, that want to use it on other gsm carriers.. sigh).

And yes I know there is the htc 8x which I could get on T-Mobile on Wednesday, but As I have said in other threads, Nokia transit app is critical to me. I cant live without that app so htc, Samsung, apple, Sorry.. and apart form me being already on t-mobile I find the design of the lumia 810 on T-Mobile to be superior to the other version even beating the 920 in terms of looks. I find it has an eerie similarity to the iphone 5 design ( mainly because of the speaker grill). Either way enough talk. Does anyone have any links to reviews of this phone ( they are all speced the same apart form lte/gsm so it does not matter which review you link..

Thanks guys.