Review Dates


This post is about the review embargoes (amongst other stuff).

I'm not too sure about how reviews (in general) work, but here's what my understanding of it: Producers of the goods can prohibit reviewers from publishing reviews till a certain date. While the purpose and effects of embargoes are discussion-worthy, it's gonna continue to exist and let the producers have some control over the critics.

But here's what I found interesting.

IGN released a calendar of when the upcoming games are going to be released and when the review will come out. Now I understand that gadgets/phones/tablets, etc cannot be scheduled to launch as precisely as video games, and it isn't always possible to ensure that you get a review device. But once TheVerge has the device, is it possible/legal for the readers to be told when the review will be posted and when the embargo ends? For instance, we all knew that TheVerge team had had the HTC WP 8X before the review was posted. Is it possible for TheVerge to tell us when a review will be posted?

For that matter, can there be a "this-is-what-we're-working-on" section on the website that lets us know some upcoming reviews and features? I mean you guys do give us previews for Vergecast special editions ala "this is what we will be talking about", and I think that makes the readers/viewers look forward to watching the vergecast.


Also, while typing, how do you stylize the name "theverge"? Is it TheVerge, The Verge, theverge, Theverge, or something else?

Update (unnecessary one, but nevertheless).

After posting this post, I saw this:


And I'm sure that there are many who are asking such questions about recent and upcoming products. It'll be great for readers to know when the next major article will be out. Although, come to think of it, it does take the thrill out of finally seeing "Lumia 920 Review" or "Nexus 4 Review". What do you guys thing?