Windows 8 Driver Released for Synaptics Touchpads

The Synaptics Touchpad drivers are now available for Windows 8. You can download it here. If you don't want to go through this trouble it may update through Windows Update.

It is quite intuitive. A one finger swipe from the left edge into the center switches between recent apps. It follows the same principles as clicking in the top left where as it will keep switching between the 6 or so most recent apps. It doesn't provide support to bring up all the windows like when you move your mouse into the top left and then down.

If you are having issues with performing this function first double check that you have two 'apps' open such as the desktop and the Windows 8 Store then if it still doesn't work for you go to your start screen, type Synaptics, click settings then select the first option. Click SmartSense and then the small gears that appear to its right. Then drag the left region border a tad to the right. This is necessary in old touchpads as the edges aren't as sensitive as the rest of the pad.

A one finger swipe from the top edge into the center brings up the app bar. This is very useful in IE to bring up the tabs.

A one finger swipe from the right edge into the center brings up the charms bar. If you are in the start menu the search charm will be highlighted and you can just hit the space or enter key on your keyboard or use your arrow keys to move to a different charm. Everywhere outside of the start menu will have the charms bar focus on the start charm. If you hold your finger down after swiping you can drag up and down to select a charm and lift your finger to enter it.

This update also brings multi-touch to W8 store apps. MS' first party apps were able to deal with multi-touch. This includes scrolling, zooming in and out and using the 3 finger flick to go to the next item or page.

None of this is really a surprise except for the fact that it took Synaptics 2 weeks after launch to release this.

Thanks to those in the comments that pointed out functions and helped with issues.

* * CAUTION * *


The Synaptics software does not like to be uninstalled and also has downgrade issues so make sure any downgrading is done through device manager using a rollback and that you are not trying to install a driver older than what you already have.



This is the link to a mirror of the file on dropbox. If that gets taken down then use one of the mirrors at the bottom of this page.

* * DELL USERS and non Synaptics Touchpads * *


It seems that most Dell laptops use the Alps touchpad which needs the specific Alps driver. The Synaptics package is both the driver and the gesture suite and so the Alps driver is overwritten. Once you have installed the Synaptics package, reinstall the Alps driver. You can find it here. I am unable to test this and am waiting for some response from those who can.