The Xbox Music app sucks!

Not really much point for this post, just ranting! But after supporting Microsoft so much, I have earned it!!!!

The Xbox Music app on Windows 8 sucks, period! I can ignore the fact that it bugs out on me and stops playing until I restart it, because that might be a driver issue. But it has so limited functionality compared to Zune, that is not acceptable by any standards. For such a big company with so many awesome ideas, they do know very well how to screw up!

Anyway I am reverting back to Zune on my laptop; there is simply no other way. Hope the songs I download there can also be synced to WP8 (maybe point the WP8 sync app to their location), or I am screwed!

P.S. My Lumia 920 arrived at the FedEx location in my city 2 hrs ago.. yay!!!