Windows phone 8 and windows 8 questions

Hey everybody.

I am considering switching from android to windows phone 8.

I have already installed windows 8 on my two pc's.

After trying windows 8, I am afraid that the whole cloud experience is just not good enough.


1 When I buy music on Xbox music on my laptop, it doesnt automatically sync to my other PC.

2. If I add music from my skydrive on my pc, it cant load the artist and album names in the music app

3. There is no way to make the Xbox music app save your purchased music in Skydrive.

I thought all these were essential features, but apparently settings and features are not cool anymore.

Windows phone 8 questions:

1. If I buy a windows phone 8, can I even sync my music via skydrive? Will it sync to my pc if I buy a track via Xbox music?

I understand that in the new Skydrive 3.0 app for wp8, I can make folders available offline, will this allow the music app to access the content?

2. I heard that the facebook chat integration on Mango was awful, no facebook group messaging and no messaging for offline contacts. Are these things fixed in windows phone 8?

3. In the onenote office app for windows phone, is it possible to create outlook tasks, like it is in the dekstop version?

4. Is there a good alternative to pocket on the windows phone platform? With offline sync functionality

Thanks, I hope there are some windows phone 8 early adopters who can answer these questions.