The pathetic Music App - once again

Hi there,

I'm using windows 8 since CP and i was always bothered by the poor experience with the music app. I thought this changes in the final version but no, even with my Xbox Music Subscription... i can't get the hang of it. Especially creating playlists is a nightmare.

So i thought i'm writing a list of things i think people should always be able to do in any music app/programm and maybe you could tell me if the feature is there and i'm just too stupid to find it.

  1. create a custom playlist from your local files (just press enter on a music file) and then save it into a playlist (which i can access from anywhere i log in)
  2. search through the library without opening the charms
  3. Search through a specific album with my keyboards
  4. Type "F" and the cursor jumps to the first song starting with "F" in the current displayed songlist
  5. able to always show the songlist. I don't want to always click on "show songlist"
  6. browse my local files and folders so i can add multiple tracks to a playlist, stored in a specific folder (no album or something)
  7. Add songs to playlists directly from the file/folder on the desktop
  8. sync playlists wirelessly with a WP7.5 device
  9. keyboard controls (space bar to play/pause, ect)
  10. ... to be continued