How much do you care about good interface design?

When TheVerge posted an article "The illusion of life: applying animation principles to mobile UI design" from Smashing Magazine's "A New Mobile UX Design Material", I became flustered.

Why so? I feel like good design didn't need explanation in the first place. Are people too ignorant and unappreciative of subtle design elements? I hope not. Such elements are made for the purpose of making it easy for the user to navigate the app, and it brings liveliness in the app. I'm quite surprised by how people seem to dislike the animation choices in Windows Phone and iOS - I personally think they improve the user experience on their platforms. And inadvertently these elements which try to mimic real life tend to be skeumorphisms as well.

So this brings me to the question: How much do you care about good interface design?

Would you, for instance, use the older version of Evernote...


...or this one? Which has a folder-like UI that opens and closes like the real thing?


Here's another one, but it's just a comparison of design element. Would you rather have this...


...or this one?


...or maybe you're fine with both?