iPhone 5 Experiencing a Touch-Screen Glitch

CMA Megacorp is an iPhone Game Developer tweeted this morning regarding a potential bug in the iPhone 5 touch-screen. Sliding the touch input back and forth diagonally across the display eventually leads to a loss of touch input, as well as, freezing altogether.

iPhone 5 touch screen bug? Slide finger back and forth diagonally on screen, input events drop out or stop altogether.

- @CMA_Megacorp

In a video from 9to5mac.com, the glitch is apparent across both builds of iOS 6 (6.0 and 6.0.1) and apparently specific to the iPhone 5, as the iPhone 4Ses in the video are unaffected. Whether this is a software glitch or a hardware glitch is undetermined. Apple recently switched to a new panel technology in the iPhone 5, developed by Sharp, to allow for an overall thinner display. This enabled the iPhone 5 to be one of the thinnest smartphones on the market.


SOURCE: 9to5Mac