They killed Pulse!

If y'all haven't updated 2.9.9 to version 3, don't do it.

It takes away category navigation from the feed screen and feed navigation (the bottom bar) from the article screen. So one-handing on a large phone is basically impossible now (the category selection screen requires an iPhone-located back press -- top left) and you have extra touches everywhere. It also removes the "default to web view" option and (apparently) the tablet splitscreen view.

The bug where an article appears in a one-character column down the left has been replaced by a bug where the article doesn't appear at all. Don't need to restart it any more, but navigating to the feed screen and specifically selecting the article takes about as many clicks now.

I believe they did remove the five category limit, but that's no excuse for totally breaking the UI. Looks like they followed the iPhone lead instead of going Holo as they should have.