Surface Brightness Issue (UPDATED)

My surface arrived yesterday and after using it for awhile, I noticed the brightness changes while certain elements are on the screen. I also noticed this behavior while watching videos -- the brightness changes even though the surrounding lighting has not changed.

Does anyone have the same issue or maybe found a setting that turns this off? It's really noticeable in the evening and quite frankly, annoying.

UPDATE: Turning off auto-brightness fixes this issue -- however, this renders the Surface without the ability to adjust lighting in response to environmental changes. Ultimately, the "content adaptive brightness" is tied with the auto-brightness feature. I'm hoping that this will be decoupled in the short future in form of individual settings.

UPDATE #2: Well, I may have spoke too soon. Turning off auto-brightness instead reduces the frequency of "content adaptive brightness", but it is still quite noticeable in certain applications and along with certain actions as well. I will keep an eye on the upcoming patches and check to see if the issue is fixed.

UPDATE #3: No changes with the patches applied. I found a thread on Microsoft's site with similar concerns: Surface RT Dynamic Contrast

In the meantime, this case is definitely not closed!