Finding the 920 at AT&T Stores

Is anyone else having a tough time finding 920's at AT&T or Best Buy? I live in NJ and have called 25 different stores and have only found 2 places carrying it. Several of the reps I called did not even know how to pronounce "Lumia" or knew anything about the phone, which I found shocking. Best Buy was even worse, but I knew that was going to happen before I even called them. I finally found some at the Woodbridge NJ AT&T store, however when I asked if they have any "Cyan" models available the female sales rep had no idea what I was talking about. I continue to honestly give Nokia and Microsoft chances, and they continue to let me down. This phone is amazing, yet they just cannot launch it correctly. I guess it's better than the Easter launch of the 900, but still. Anyone else have a similar experience? **Sorry just venting honestly not trying to troll. Also my apologies to the grammar police but I'm at work and have to hammer out these posts!