A Word About LTE And Glass Backs via Ron of AndroidPolice

Hey folks,

[edit from Dieter: Please do not post other sites' content in their entirety] Ron from AndroidPolice really gave a good note about all these complaints about Glass and LTE on the Nexus 4. As AndroidPolice is not read as much as the Verge I figured I should spread this...


The other complaint I've heard is that this phone has a glass back, and it will break if you drop it. This is true, but guess what? Every phone will break if you drop it. Electronics aren't made to be dropped. Since this whole smartphone thing started, every phone has had a glass front - a glass front that is easily breakable. So unless you are clamoring for a plastic touchscreen, I don't see how you can say it's ok for the front to be glass, but not the back. If you drop phones a lot, maybe something like the Casio G'zOne is more your style.

AndroidPolice Nexus 4 Review by Ron Amadeo