Faliure to launch/announce.

I was sad to witness the disaster that was Nokia's event. They launched the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 to a crowd that couldn't crack a smile or clap a hand. It was brutal.

Joe Harlow shouldn't ever announce a phone... EVER . and Joe the WP8 guy bored the hell out of people with tiles.

Kevin the crazy guy was the most interesting in that mess of a show , yet some technical failures in the background made him even more crazier.

it was an ironic announcement , where Kevin showed Super Sensitive touch screen, Cinemagraphs, Smartshots , and tons of extra stuff and got no claps at all while few days later people clapped for Panorama on the IPHONE 5!!!

Couple that with the PR crisis about OIS; Nokia shot it self in the knees on this one . (Since news travel slowly into different languages, people are just knowing about this particular screw up which is super bad at launch isn't it ?)

That announcement was also useless to some degree , all the vital information were missing , How much will it go for and when will it launch ?

so it only ruined the surprise factor for launch and things like wireless charging became meh ...----- Nokia's launch today isn't helpful either , most people in the world don't know when the phone will going to launch in their respective countries and those are hardcore Nokia fans such as I.

And even today at it's official At&T launch Colors are missing which were the things they touted other OEMs about (specially apple) , and the limited stock is horrifyingly funny , 5 to 20 phones !!! that's it , each store gets 5 to 20 which is kind of and idiotic move when some Microsoft Stores aren't selling the 920 at all and pushing people toward the 8X ( Typical MS move throwing people under buses) .

Nokia is dying and it isn't helping its self , it had the most loyal fan base ever , fan who bought shit that no one can now hold let alone sell , it failed most of its fan base by signing with Microsoft instead of google (which I also hate btw) , And now Nokia is failing the remainder if its fan base by shit like this and like WP7 fiasco of no updates...Nokia ... confusing people.