Microsoft is after Simple , it's user base ? maybe not?

Many are complaining about how simple some Microsoft apps are becoming , Starting with Xbox Music as a replacement for Zune software , ending with how Modern UI is built in general.

Simple is the best selling language, second only to value versus price. ( an example could be shown by comparing Iphone 5 sales to SG3 sales .)

Microsoft wants to go simple while their legacy users are actually looking for Value versus price in this economy

With most extra functionality going down the drain desktop users are getting really annoyed by the over simplicity of it all . while touch users are used to a more polished and straightforward apps language..

Fact is Microsoft was losing ground to Apple , and while Microsoft think it's about simplicity only, i think Microsoft is ignoring some important facts.

* Polished Codes are the best even if they lacked features. I love W8 and I've been using it for 3 months or so (i'm on the pro version now.) but that thing needs lots of polishing.

*Either ad-supported apps , or Cheap paid ones .

* Legacy users should be treated and answered to with much more respect seeing how no matter how advertisements get good , users are the best ones. it won't hurt MS to answer some request of theirs like the start menu, while keeping it simple.

*Consistency is key; Windows 8 i still can't believe that Modern UI apps have no icons to show in the desktop mode, it's incredibly off putting and the default icon is horrible (they could've just used a Metro themed icon ... )
*Apps purchased should go across all devices , there're some which doesn't coupled with the expensive pricing this doesn't go well for W8 ...

i'm sure you have alot of extra things on how to improve on w8 , please do share it .

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